Exige and elise on track

Lotus Driving Academy

We all love driving fast - that's why driving experiences exist. A chance for us mere mortals to try out some exotica without having to sell the house or a family member. Tracks up and down the country do them and there are plenty of third party companies happy to swap your monthly bonus for … Continue reading Lotus Driving Academy


Sparing a little bit of time for Abarth

"It's funny how things pan out," I thought as I picked out a parking spot behind the colossal grandstands at Rockingham. This was the Abarth Day, 20th May 2017. I wasn't supposed to be here. To be honest, just a few days beforehand I didn't even know it was going on, and when I was told … Continue reading Sparing a little bit of time for Abarth

Porsche 906

There are many iconic endurance racing Porsches. Indeed winning Le Mans became a bit of a habit for the Stuttgart team, especially with the incredible 917, and so that model has been well documented throughout the motoring world... However, much less is known about another incredible endurance Porsche, the 906 - or Carrera 6. Following … Continue reading Porsche 906

Photographer of the month – Jan 2015

2015's first Photographer of the Month is Californian Ken Brown, whose use of black is as vibrant as any other photographer's use of colour. Brown is selected as this month's POTM as his photographs of classic cars bathed in darkness are some of the most breathtaking I've seen. Classic, iconic and successful racing cars, plus … Continue reading Photographer of the month – Jan 2015

Merc Jerez

Photographer of the month – Dec 2014

For December's Photographer of the Month I urge you look to the world of F1 where you'll find jovial Jamey Price from North Carolina. Jamey is a familiar sight at racetracks around the world with a portfolio covering a range of motorsport categories, but for this month's POTM I'm looking at just his F1 work … Continue reading Photographer of the month – Dec 2014