Timeless Racer

Timeless Racer

No car lover could resist taking a peek at the work of Daniel Simon. A look at the incredible fantasy vehicles rendered so realistically in his book Cosmic Motors is enough to get any design lover salivating.

So when I heard of a new project of his, Timeless Racer, which explores an alternative earth where the car makers we know and love have never existed and alternative breeds exist, I was immediately dropping hints for Christmas.

Timeless Racer

Timeless Racer recognises that when more than one car exists, car racing exists. And so in this parallel earth the same kind of racing we’re used to still takes place, albeit on hyper-real fictional race tracks, by entirely fictional drivers with familiar traits, and in cars that are both completely original yet entirely believable alternatives to those we know from our own world.

Without giving too much away, the book is based around a racing driver, Vic Cooper, the son of Brit Jay McQuade who was killed whilst racing for Masucci during an endurance race, causing the Masucci team to pull out of racing. Vic, however, can travel through time and in this first of a series of books we can follow Vic’s travels to look back at the history of the Masucci racers, and set up a fantastic 2027 season where Vic brings the Masucci name back to the track to take on the establishment.

Reading through the book is more like a discovery of a real world that you never knew existed rather than simply the beautiful creations of an imagination and talent like no other. The images and characters are incredibly detailed, and there are features on the cars’ designs that show the author is more than just a dreamer – indeed he’s worked for the likes of Lotus, VW and Bugatti. With advanced aerodynamics mixed with race-worn, grimy, chipped paintwork and sponsors that seem more thought-out than some dotcom brands in the real world, the picture Daniel paints is entirely believable.

In a way, it sems a shame there’s no way to visit this alternative world, and we must wait for the next book to see what adventures await Vic Cooper and the Masucci team. Until then, you can get hold of Timeless Racer direct from Daniel, and if you are a keen follower of his work then special editions are available.

Pitlane Club edition

You can see more of Daniel Simon’s work at www.danielsimon.com, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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