Photographer of the month – Jan 2015

2015’s first Photographer of the Month is Californian Ken Brown, whose use of black is as vibrant as any other photographer’s use of colour. Brown is selected as this month’s POTM as his photographs of classic cars bathed in darkness are some of the most breathtaking I’ve seen.

Classic, iconic and successful racing cars, plus some sulptural beauties from a time before pedestrian safety, are flaunted beautifully beneath their dark cloak, making the feminine curves and bold colours the star of the show.

And with Brown’s detail shots also showing an impressive handling of those intricate details often lost on whole-vehicle shots, he shows he’s no one-click-pony.

These atmospheric detail shots boost the automotive portfolio and each successive genre of Brown’s images is equally as impossible to ignore as the last, so it was more of a case of what I could leave out of this post rather than what was going to go in. After all, as well as iconic cars Brown has also applied his skills to juke boxes, landscapes and more, playing with light with a masterful touch to get staggering results, showing that cars are just the tip of a very enticing iceberg.

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Ken Brown at kenkenman2. All images in this feature belong to him, and are available to view along with many others at

Keep an eye out next month for another POTM – or if you have any suggestions just let me know in the comments.

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