Every now and again you see a render of a car design that you wish was real. When you follow Alessandro Masera's work, however, 'every now and again' becomes 'every time Masera publishes a new image'. Masera's talent for car design combines with his obvious passion for Alfa Romeo with seductive results. Each accurately detailed … Continue reading A.Masera


Carter Asmann

Something a bit different, Carter Asmann's coffeering pics. Coffeering? To begin with I had no idea how that strange word should be pronounced, but then the pictures made it clear. Asmann's clever use of a simple thing like the oft-unwelcome ring of coffee to base his art around is as simple as it is effective. … Continue reading Carter Asmann

Photographer of the month – Jan 2015

2015's first Photographer of the Month is Californian Ken Brown, whose use of black is as vibrant as any other photographer's use of colour. Brown is selected as this month's POTM as his photographs of classic cars bathed in darkness are some of the most breathtaking I've seen. Classic, iconic and successful racing cars, plus … Continue reading Photographer of the month – Jan 2015