A lover of cars and bicycles, despite not being able to tell a clutch from a choke. But don’t tell anybody that.

A Norfolk boy with the ethos of lightweight is great – I’m the leader of the Mass Rejection Drive Tribe for lightweight cars – I have written for motoring publications and for businesses keen to get an expert view on sports cars, motorsports, performance driving and efficiency.

I’ve written about efficiency in motoring, new materials, the physics of speed and delved deeply into the world of classics and niche vehicles. If I haven’t heard of a car, I’d want to rectify that straight away.

As well as well-designed performance vehicles I take to two wheels when I can – but leave the engine behind. A slave to Bianchi road bikes, I hunt hills and PBs in my spare time, and created the charity bike event Lap of Anglia.

Whether on four wheels with an engine, or two without, I’m just enjoying the road.

Find out more about me at @DC_F1 on Twitter.