Everyday Pininfarina

Firstly, a bit of background for those less familiar with Pininfarina. As a quick prod of any search engine will reveal, the Pininfarina name is firmly linked to iconic car designs with waves upon waves of exotic and desirable machinery. There are examples from seemingly every decade since the internal combustion engine first sparked into … Continue reading Everyday Pininfarina


Photographer of the month – November 2014

For this, the inaugural Photographer of the Month, I urge you to look at the stunning work of Steffen Jahn. I've chosen Jahn as the first POTM as his photographs of classic endurance racing cars are amongst the most eye-catching I've seen. For most photographers of course their photographs are their greatest attraction, so on … Continue reading Photographer of the month – November 2014

Your F1 driver name

Just a bit of fun - use the image below to generate your F1 driver name, and your team! Feel free to share, and let us know your results!


Brain of an F1 fan

Whilst I had a spare hour (a rare treat), I did a doodle... This is how it looked: Feel free to share it via Twitter and Facebook, if you feel it reflects the way your brain works!


Lap of Anglia

The Lap of Anglia is a 400 mile bicycle ride around East Anglia, created to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and highlight the huge area they cover. The air ambulance has no government funding and relies solely on charitable donations. The first Lap took place in 2013, and was completed by 12 … Continue reading Lap of Anglia