Lap of Anglia

The Lap of Anglia is a 400 mile bicycle ride around East Anglia, created to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and highlight the huge area they cover. The air ambulance has no government funding and relies solely on charitable donations.


The first Lap took place in 2013, and was completed by 12 incredible amateur cyclists. Starting on the airvambulance helipad at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in King’s Lynn, the cyclists travelled 400 miles anticlockwise around East Anglia starting on 22nd August 2013 and returning back to the same spot on 25th August. With backing from local insurance brokers Adrian Flux, plus food and drink suplied by local companies the huge ride was a great success, with the total raised in excess of £10,000, enough for more than four average missions for the life-saving air ambulance.


With lessons learnt on the inaugural run, the 2014 event aimed to learn more and make sure that the event could become an annual event, so a completely revised route and a new set of sponsors meant 12 more cyclists completed the event, raising just shy of a further £8,000.

signed shirt

With these lessons learnt and the basics now in place, the Lap of Anglia looks to grow year on year. Keep an eye out for an announcement on how to enter the 2015 event in January 2015.


For more information on this great charity cycling event check out Lap of Anglia


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