Photographer of the month – November 2014

For this, the inaugural Photographer of the Month, I urge you to look at the stunning work of Steffen Jahn. I’ve chosen Jahn as the first POTM as his photographs of classic endurance racing cars are amongst the most eye-catching I’ve seen.

For most photographers of course their photographs are their greatest attraction, so on this and future POTM features the images will take centre stage, and I encourage you to check out more at the chosen photographer’s home page or online portfolio.

These stunning images including of course that iconic Eau Rouge shot is just a hint at a petrol-filled portfolio, and Steffen Jahn has worked with some of the greats of car design. Here are a few shots he did for Infiniti, including the special Vettel edition of the Infiniti FX.

Stuttgart resident Jahn clearly has fantastic subjects for photography right on his Eingangsstufe, and his work with Stuttgart-based Porsche runs through his portfolio. He’s caught more Porsches than any trackday tall-taler, from iconic-liveried competitors to lego reconstructions, New York-homed classics, modern racers, prototypes and much more.

With Jahn’s eye for a great automotive shot we can all be glad he’s looked beyond Stuttgart’s Stunners, here are three examples from many that I could have chosen. For more of the same check out his car images.

Jahn’s range extends far beyond just cars, and his aerospace and editorial images are just as sweet, and the detail shots of iconic vehicles turns a car into a true sculptural masterpiece.

Although he rarely posts on Twitter, you can follow Steffen Jahn at @steffen_jahn. All images in this feature belong to him, and are available to download at

Keep an eye out next month for another POTM – or if you have any suggestions just let me know in the comments.

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