Carter Asmann

Something a bit different, Carter Asmann‘s coffeering pics. Coffeering? To begin with I had no idea how that strange word should be pronounced, but then the pictures made it clear.

Asmann’s clever use of a simple thing like the oft-unwelcome ring of coffee to base his art around is as simple as it is effective. Sometimes you just wish you’d thought of something first, and applaud those that did.

It was, of course, these great coffeering cycling and motorcycling pictures that first caught my eye, but the circle is a very ubiquitous shape and so Asmann uses it in a great many ways, and always keeping the pencil and mug of black coffee in shot almost as a calling card, much like a graffiti artist leaves his tag.

If you’re as transfixed as I am by this simple theme brilliantly executed you can find more of Carter’s work, including non-beverage-based photography and art, at his website, or follow him on Tumblr and instagram @cartercartier.

A great inspiration, and a spotlight on the potential art and creativity all around us if we care to find it, and use it.

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