Merc Jerez

Photographer of the month – Dec 2014

For December’s Photographer of the Month I urge you look to the world of F1 where you’ll find jovial Jamey Price from North Carolina.

Jamey is a familiar sight at racetracks around the world with a portfolio covering a range of motorsport categories, but for this month’s POTM I’m looking at just his F1 work (because there’s simply no room to get all of his work into one place) and even more specifically at this year’s turbo-V6-powered dawn of a new hybrid era.

When I asked Jamey for some photographs he’s proud of, he seemed like a father being asked to choose his favourite child. He admitted it was tricky, sending more than 60 in the end and saying “Good luck narrowing it down” – and boy, was he right.

Throughout the collection one thing was clear in every single image, Jamey knows where and when to get a fantastic shot. Something that racing magazines worldwide already know.

As a Charlotte resident of course he has some iconic circuits nearby, the Charlotte Motor Speedway is a spectacle in itself, and Jamey clearly knows how to make a circuit the star of a shot too. Not least this patriotic run-off area at his ‘local’ F1 circuit down in Texas, but also these crackers of the highly photogenic Singapore and relative newcomer, a wintry Sochi in Russia.

But where Jamey Price is arguably at his most impressive is in his shots of drivers being people. One thing that can often get lost in the world of F1 is the human being behind the helmet, the bloke behind the brand, the emotion behind the media training. These images of the drivers out of the cockpit are some of Jamey’s most endearing images.

The quality of the images throughout this feature stands out, sure, but so does Jamey’s personality, and one thing that sums up the incredibly talented yet humble and very likeable Jamey was him adding “they all have my watermark on them, hope that’s ok”. But of course, you should be proud of your work – I know I would be.

You can follow Jamey on Twitter for short sharp updates and images fresh from the sides of the racetracks at @jameypricephoto. All images in this feature belong to him and I’m proud to display them with his approval.

Many more can be seen at with loads beyond the world of F1 – features on endurance racing, NASCAR, and pretty much anything with wheels that tries to be the quickest in its breed, even a collection of images at Pike’s Peak.

Keep an eye out next month for another POTM – or if you have any suggestions about who deserves a mention just let me know in the comments.

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