Porsche 906

There are many iconic endurance racing Porsches. Indeed winning Le Mans became a bit of a habit for the Stuttgart team, especially with the incredible 917, and so that model has been well documented throughout the motoring world… However, much less is known about another incredible endurance Porsche, the 906 – or Carrera 6.

P-158-14-BFollowing on from the Porsche 904 this lightweight racer had just a 1991cc engine and was designed to compete in Group 4 Sports Car racing… which of course meant it would never compete for a Le Mans victory, but it was still capable of an astonishing 170mph. It also meant it also needed a street version…

906I daren’t imagine how much one of these fifty 906s would set you back now at auction, but this street legal racer which bears a massive resemblance to the 917 would certainly draw a crowd.


There are a few replicas knocking around now, and who could blame their makers – it’s a truly jaw-dropping shape to trundle to the shops and back in.

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