There’s Steve McQueen stuff all over the internet, and here’s a bit more.

An actor/racer that lived in a time well before digital photography he was an icon, yet there are nowhere near the number of images of him that there would be today, and so these limited edition offerings become all the more familiar. But even so, there are bound to be more to discover, so to find some images courtesy of Louis Galanos that I hadn’t ever seen was quite a joy.

Here is McQueen (apparently) driving a Lola T70 for some work on “Day of the Champion” – a film that never made it to production as the producers decided to go for Grand Prix featuring James Garner instead.

LolaAnd here he is with his son Chad, wearing the iconic Gulf jacket.

Chad and SteveImages like these help fill in all those gaps, and bring a character to life that so many youngsters nowadays may not have heard of. Thanks to Louis for getting some of them together, and photos of other endurance races and racers – it’s just a shame we can’t tell who took these great images. If you know, let me know!

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