tail out 356

Ice cold Porsche

Porsches have always really impressed me, but not necessarily excited me. Efficient, effective and accessible, they’ve always seemed to sit just below the mad Italians and above the gadgety Japanese.

However, I’ve always had a real soft spot for the 356.

I say ‘soft spot’,  I’d do frankly unimaginable things to own a 356 Outlaw and have often found myself checking the prices of half-decent 356s that need a new Daddy, before quickly redirecting my search to replicas in a more plausible price range.

And I think that gets to the crux of the matter. I’d be happy with a replica just because it looks the same, and the fact I yearn for an outlaw, which is really just an even more sculpted 356, shows that what I really like about the 356 is the way it looks. I’d happily take that shape with a wheezy Beetle motor sitting over the rear wheels and asthmatically pushing out bhp figures that make more sense in a motorbike. A slow motorbike.

With all this in mind you can imagine the depths to which my jaw dropped when I found this cracking video of a classic 356 ‘pre-A’.

The owner, talented racer and rally driver Jeff Zwart, reveals with pure childish joy how he simply had to keep the car after he acquired it to film some promotional footage for a modern Porsche Cayenne.

Cue fantastic footage of the stud-shod Porker waltzing through snowy forests and down gravely slopes, with Jeff’s endearing commentary letting you know this shapely sexagenarian is more than just a car.

I’ve mused about whether it’s Jeff’s enthusiasm, the beauty of a Colorado winter, or Will Roegge‘s atmospheric production that really sets this film apart… but, really, it’s the handsome 356, with less bhp than years since its birth it shows such character, cheek and a grace that you can’t help falling a bit in love with.

A bit in love, and a lot jealous. Use it well, Jeff.

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